About Lars Romig


I am a native of the Verde Valley, originally from Jerome.  Both my parents were artists, and through school I loved being involved in the arts.  I first wanted to be an architect, then found myself looking at the many career options available after high school.  While working at L'Auberge in Sedona where I was a bell man and then concierge, I became immersed in the outdoors.  Canyoneering, climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking - it was all the best, and pictures were a given to save the memories.  I thank Mark May for inviting me to go on the trips we took while working at L'Auberge which have changed my life.  I took all the available photo courses offered at the local community college, and have been taking more and more photos ever since.  I started off with a 35mm Canon, then bought a small Pentax Optio 555.  Later I purchased a Canon 40D which was left on the roof of my truck not too soon after purchase, never to be seen again.  I then acquired a Canon Digital Rebel which also disappeared one Thanksgiving, also never to be seen again.  My wish would to be able to afford a medium format digital as I love large photographs that occupy a whole wall, giving as close to a feel of being there as possible.  I don't have ten or twenty grand available to spend on a camera at the moment, so my solution has been to utilize a Samsung TL500 (also known as the EX1) to shoot with.  I then use my time in the digital darkroom to create large panoramic shots.  The shots are stitched together from 2 to 35 shots to create the size and clarity of photos I love.  I am now spoiled, not having to compromise what is in the photo.  I will stand and scan the view in front of me, then pick what I want in the photo.

My Adventures

  • Mountain Biking 
  • Canyoneering
  • Mountaineering
  • Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Firefighting